LiST Of The 7 Untouchable People in Nigeria

He was also the Premier of Western Region from the colonial times. After Oduduwa -the legendary progenitor of the Yoruba- Awolowo is next in rank. He championed the cause of the Yoruba and put the Yoruba first in everything he did. He built and developed Yoruba land. Anybody who criticizes him therefore is branded an enemy of the Yoruba, and the Yoruba will promptly ask for the person’s head on a silver platter, even if the person quoted Awolowo’s interview or book. Professor Chinua Achebe got a dose of the ire when he criticized Awolowo in his last book: There Was a Country. In Yoruba land, Awolowo does no wrong. Even fellow Yoruba who did not join Awolowo in his political parties in the 1950s or 1980s are still suffering some backlash in the South-West today. And if they are dead, their children continue to pay for their father’s political views that differed from Awo’s.

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